Transit System

In an attempt to provide the citizens of Chattooga County with a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly transportation program, the Chattooga County Transit System is a valuable service. The system, dispatched from the Public Works Department, provides four transit buses for a variety of transportation needs.

Bus Routes & Fees

One bus does a continuous route from senior citizen housing areas and other residential neighborhoods to local supermarkets and stores, while another is available for call-in for doctor's appointments, healthcare trips, and other services. One bus also does trips to and from Rome for citizens who need to get dialysis treatments or see doctors in Floyd County. Rates for these services are $2 for one-way trips in the county and $10 roundtrip for service to Rome.

More Information

For more information regarding our transit system, including scheduled routes, fees, and other details, please contact the Commissioner's Office at 706-857-0700 or Public Works at 706-857-0736.