Public Works

Public Works OfficeThe Chattooga County Commissioner's Office oversees the Public Works Department. The department plans directs, organizes, and coordinates work in the street, sanitation systems, water and sewer collections, and other departments.

Yancey Robinson, Public Works Director, is in charge of the department. Citizens who call with issues with their road drains and other problems are directed to Public Works. Public Works will send employees to work on any county road or roadside. The department is also responsible for the upkeep of bridges. The department also makes sure roads are clearly marked with road signs.

Mr. Robinson's office oversees garbage convenience centers, recycling centers, the transfer station, and free trash days, as well.

Transfer Station Cost                       Dumpster Cost

Household Garbage                                                  Dumpsters are FREE

$45 (a Ton)

C&D Garbage

$45 (a Ton)


Car = $160 (a Ton)

Truck = $260 (a Ton)

Mattress & Box Spring

Each = $5

Pair = $10