Health Department

Chattooga County Health DepartmentThe Chattooga County Health Department serves the medical and health needs of the entire population of the county. With a commitment to servicing all patients, regardless of race, age, religion, national origin, political beliefs, disability or sex, the Health Department is a valuable resource for the people of Chattooga County.

Health Center Services

With low fees for most services, adjusted fee scales based on ability to pay, and government programs including Medicare and Medicaid, the center provides exceptional services at minimal prices. The center provides services by appointment. The center also provides scheduled appointments for each Thursday beginning at 4 pm for clients whose work schedule prevents them from being seen during regular clinic hours.

Education Assistance

Veterans' Programs

Mental Health Resources

Crisis Hotlines

Georgia Addiction Support

  • Alcoholics Anonymous in Georgia - Resource for finding in-person and virtual AA meetings throughout the state
  • Recovery in Georgia - Locally run independent addiction recovery resource that features treatment centers, support meetings, and prevention resources located throughout Georgia
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse - Helpful resource for finding treatment centers for friends or family members that are struggling with substance abuse
  • The Summit Wellness Group - Highly-rated Georgia-based addiction and mental health provider with an extensive assortment of online recovery resources
  • The GARR Network - Georgia-based association of accredited sober living homes throughout the state
  • Live Another Day - Features a list of the best-rated drug rehab centers in the state

Overdose Prevention

Senior Assistance and Assisted Living Resources

AssistedLivingFinding the best place for a senior can be overwhelming and challenging to decide. provides information on the options and costs of assisted living to help the elderly and their families make informed decisions. Click the below links to learn more: