Emergency 911

Emergency 911 CenterChattooga County Emergency 911 (E911) has proudly served Chattooga County since 1998 and strives to provide our citizens with professional and courteous emergency service "When Seconds Count".

Things You Need to Know

We provide emergency services to Chattooga County 24/7. This page is to introduce our staff to everyone-we would like for you to be able to put a face with a voice. This Page is also to educate you on how we function, what our job is, and what we can and cannot do. This page will serve as a tool to provide you with needed updates, especially during inclement weather.

Do I Need to Call 911?

Call 911 when you need Law Enforcement, Fire or Emergency Medical Services. All of the water and natural gas companies for Chattooga County operates through 911 after hours if there is a hazard with your utility. Do not call 911 for interruption of service due to non payment of services, you will need to contact the agency that carries your service during the next business day. We will contact Animal Control after hours only for cases of dog bites, vicious animals or injured animals with no known owner, all other services for Animal Control will need to be handled directly through their agency.

We will not be able to tell you:

  • If they will cancel school due to inclement weather
  • Road conditions for any other county
  • When utilities will be restored during an outage
  • If you should try to travel on treacherous roads
  • Who has been involved in an accident/description of vehicles or the condition of those involved
  • Business/personal addresses or phone numbers of citizens of Chattooga County
  • Cannot contact utility services for you if your cable, phone, power is out and there is not an emergency occurring