Animal Control

Three Puppies with Christmas-Themed CollarsAnimal Control is an office that is operated through the Chattooga County Commissioner's Office. Animal Control Director, Brandy Prince, facilitates the difficult task of housing abandoned, homeless, and lost animals. Animal Control officers, Mark Finster and Jeremy Lee work tirelessly at the behest of the director and the county to ensure that animals are not only compassionately captured and cared for but also protecting animals from neglect and mistreatment.

Adoption Process

Chattooga County Animal Control has many dogs and cats that are available for adoption. Time is of the essence when it comes to adopting these animals because county ordinance only allows the center to hold the animals for five days.

Download the Adoption Application (PDF).

Download the Animal Control Ordinance

Adoption Prices

Type of AnimalAdoption Fee
Female Dog$100
Male Dog$90
Female Cat$65
Male Cat$55

Note: All adoption fees cover the cost of spaying/neutering the animal and giving them a rabies shot. Any additional procedures or vaccinations are at the expense of the adopter and payable to the veterinary clinic at the time of services.

Potential adopters from outside the county can adopt for $25 and send back proof of spaying/neutering.