Chattooga County has a skilled, highly-productive workforce that is largely non-union. The workforce of Chattooga County has only been increasing during the past quarter century while becoming competitive, responsive, and diverse. According to the Georgia Department of Labor, Chattooga County is the perfect place to start growing your business. Workers in the county have backgrounds in a variety of industries, including textiles, chemical manufacturing, medal manufacturing, and a variety of other trades.

The State of Georgia also re-invests in its workers through extensive training programs in partnership with new and existing business and industry. In short, the workers of Chattooga County are ready to help your business achieve new levels of success. Chattooga County workers know what it takes to succeed in today's market. When it comes to the workforce, we have the winning formula.

Training-Community Colleges, Programs & Support

Georgia has earned national acclaim for the low- to no-cost resources it provides to help companies maintain a strong, competitive workforce.

Northwestern Technical CollegeAdministered by the Technical College System of Georgia (formerly Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education - GDTAE), Georgia's nationally recognized Quick Start program provides flexible, customized training through a network of technical colleges and universities. Since 1967, more than 5,600 companies and 706,000 Georgia workers have benefited from this no-cost program.

For the more than 280,000 students enrolled and 40,000 faculty teaching in the state's public colleges and universities, Georgia provides the Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP). A University System of Georgia program, ICAPP unites the intellectual resources of the state's educational community with the state's business sector.

For your specific industry needs, there's the Service Industry Academy, Certified Economic Developer Training program, the Georgia Business Expansion Support Act, and other certified-specialist programs to address a number of job categories.

With Georgia's workforce programs come important tax credits and incentives to encourage workforce development through growth, enrichment, training or retraining. Together, these innovative programs help you build the valuable workforce you need to ensure success for you and your employees. For this or any other information regarding this program, please see