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Atlanta Highway and Skyline at Night

United States Map Highlighting GeorgiaThey call it the "Empire State of the South" for a reason. Look at a map. Centrally located in the Southeastern United States and positioned on the Atlantic Coast stands the State of Georgia. With excellent access to all of the top national and international markets by water, rail, road, and air, Georgia is prepared to help move raw materials in and finished products out to the first-class markets in the world. Chattooga County understands the importance of solid rail, road, water, and air travel. Chattooga County's access to interstates, the world's best airports, navigable rivers, and the Atlantic Ocean make it the perfect place to start your business. Need a place that is connected to the entire Southeast? Need a place that can get your goods from point "A" to point "B"? Need a place where the last thing on your mind is finding reliable transport? Then Chattooga County is the answer your company has been looking for.

Chattooga County's location, which is central to the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest, is within a day's drive to the leading business centers on the East Coast. Can't reach the city of your choice by road or rail? Then hop in the car for a drive to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest and most productive airfield in the world, handling over 700,000 tons of goods and over 90 million passengers on almost one million flights last year alone. Partner that with Chattooga County's access to Atlantic and Gulf Ports, first class rail, and top-notch roadways and we have the winning formula when it comes to transportation.

Atlanta AirportLooking for one of the best airport hubs on the East Coast? North Georgia offers access to some of the country's largest and best equipped airports.

  • Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, only a short 90-minute drive from Chattooga County, is the world's busiest airfield. Hartsfield-Jackson has national and international service to 89 cities in 55 countries. Hartsfield-Jackson also is the world's leading air-cargo center, handling more than 700,000 tons of goods annually.
  • Chattooga County also is a short 45-minute drive from Chattanooga, Tennessee's Metropolitan Airport/Lovell Field.
  • Birmingham's Shuttlesworth International Airport, Alabama's largest airfield, is less than two hours away.
  • Regional airports include Rome's Richard B. Russell Airport, which is a short 20-minute drive. Russell prides itself in its superior corporate accommodation. Dalton's Municipal Airport and Calhoun's Tom B. David Field are also a short drive away.