Business Climate

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The Chattooga County Advantage

Chattooga County offers a strong, supportive business climate, where the cost of doing business is low and many other tools are readily available to help your business grow and compete in a global market. Chattooga County offers companies substantial savings compared with many other parts of Georgia and the United States.

Economic incentive programs provide tax credits, sales tax exemptions, and other incentive payments for job creation, investment, retraining, and research. State and local governments are also prepared to work with infrastructure development including water, sewer, and roads. Georgia's government is committed to flexible state incentives including tax exemptions and creating a strong working partnership. Together, state and local governments and your company can work to lower your cost of doing business.

Mount Vernon Mills in Early 1900sChattooga County, Georgia also offers access to Foreign Trade Zones. Georgia has foreign trade zones in the capital city of Atlanta, as well as on the Atlantic Coast at Savannah and Brunswick. Atlanta is an hour-and-a-half drive away, while Savannah and Brunswick are less than 400 miles away. Tennessee also offers a trade zone in Chattanooga, less than an hour's drive from Chattooga County. Birmingham, Alabama, less than two hours away, also offers trade zones including one in partnership with Alabama's capital, Montgomery, available for your company.

A right-to-work state, Georgia's union membership is approximately 5%. The workforce of Chattooga County, specifically, has low union rates and is ready for jobs in the manufacturing sector. Evidence of Chattooga County's work in these areas includes the success of Mohawk Industries, Mount Vernon Mills, and various other manufacturing jobs.

As one of Georgia's "Tier 1" tax credit counties, Chattooga County offers the highest tax incentives in the state. If your business can create five jobs that are sustained over a ten year period, you are eligible for a $4000 tax credit and support from the Joint Development Authority. More information regarding lucrative tax incentives and exemptions can be found at the Georgia Department of Economic Development website.